The extended audio version of my free YouTube special "Vacation Baby" is on bandcamp. It is at least 20 minutes longer with more jokes, new tags and a few more stories.

My debut album for Kill Rock Stars was recorded in Oakland to a raucous crowd. I call this “my rally record” because it feels like a political happening.

Mainstream American Comic: My follow-up on Kill Rock Stars recorded in Portland, Oregon. I almost find this funnier than the first album solely based on my Bobby Jindal bashing.

I’ve been doing “New Material Nights” primarily in Seattle for about a decade now as a way to test out jokes and stories and… potentially bomb for an hour in front of generous audiences. This recording was done in SF on an iphone with shockingly good sound.

This is a compilation of bits recorded over the years at various New Material Nights at the now-defunct Eclectic Theater.

My Netflix special “Warn Your Relatives” was filmed in Seattle's Neptune Theatre and was released in 2018. Luckily, it's still extremely relevant… because things are still shit! AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX.

My first special: A half-hour as part of Comedy Central Presents… series. I got a standing ovation in NYC, my hometown, where this was filmed. AVAILABLE ON PARAMOUNT+ OR AMAZON.

This t-shirt is part of Kathleen Hanna’s Tees4Togo project which helps send girls to school. If you wear this t-shirt at a show, I will give you a free autographed CD (if I have CDS on me.)

People who saw my documentary about Apu from The Simpsons generally loved it. People who didn’t see it, hated it. Why don’t you watch it and judge it for yourself? AVAILABLE ON HBO MAX AND AMAZON.

A mug with my mug on it! Made in collaboration with Kill Rock Stars, it also has the word “Demon Tears” on it, which are my favorite tears to drink.